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A place where the artists and managers of today, become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Music Launch Co.

Welcome to Launch Co.

We're the premier virtual community for artist & industry development in the music industry.

Our mission is to bring together working musicians and future-focused industry professionals, in a virtual community to get more done, together.

This is your support network when you're stuck, a place for feedback before you launch, and a tailored training hub to inspire you and give you action plans to help you find a simpler path to growing your career.

All of us need to come together more often, to upskill individually and experiment collectively. And our world is moving so fast, that upskilling and experimenting isn't just for those starting out anymore; it's a job for all of us.

And that's why we've built Launch Co. - a place where the artists and managers of today, become the industry leaders of tomorrow.

Our Vision 

We work together on our careers because we know we are stronger from collective experience, when we get out of our silos and when we meet others and see others who are on the same page.

We work alongside each other, out in the open, making, managing and marketing our music.

We brainstorm, we co-work, we log our progress and we go from chance encounter to friend, to teammate.

We are looking for more future-focused music professionals who are looking for a place to be generous with their time and experience, to support others and spend time on building their skills and businesses, 

Our journies are incomplete by design, and Launch Co. is the place to go on this journey alongside others on the same mission.

The only question left is, are you keen to join us?

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